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5th Floor


Taksim - Beyoglu - Istanbul

2 Bedrooms and Jacuzzi 4 Adults+1 Child

Flat for Rent Beyoglu with Terrace
Taksim Beyoglu Apartment for Rent Short Term
Short Term Rental Flat Beyoglu Taksim

3+1 Wonderful Apartment

4th Floor

Fuga Suites

3 Bedrooms and Office 6 Adults+3 Child


3th Floor

Private Family Suite with 4 Rooms, +Children's Room

Fuga Suites

3 Bedrooms and Children's Room


2th Floor

Wonderful Family House Full Equipped A/C 3+1 150m2

Fuga Suites

3 Bedrooms and Office 6 Adults+3 Child


1th Floor

Spacious 3+1 Room, Fully Equipped A/C

Fuga Suites

3 Bedrooms and Office 6 Adults+3 Child


Explore Taksim with Airbnb: Uncover Ideal Short-Term Apartment Rentals in Istanbul Beyoglu

  Welcome to the vibrant heart of Istanbul, where tradition meets modernity - Taksim in Beyoğlu. If you're searching for a short-term apartment rental that immerses you in the dynamic spirit of this iconic district, your ideal Airbnb accommodation awaits. Explore Taksim with our carefully curated properties for an authentic Istanbul experience.

Taksim Vibes:
   Immerse yourself in the lively energy of Taksim with our meticulously selected short-term Airbnb apartment rentals. From chic apartments with Taksim Square views to cozy lofts tucked away in charming side streets, we offer accommodations that capture the essence of this bustling area. Dive into the local culture and history that Taksim embodies.

Central to Everything:
   Our Airbnb properties are strategically placed to ensure you have easy access to the best of Taksim and Beyoğlu. Whether you're strolling down Istiklal Avenue, enjoying the vibrant nightlife, or taking in the panoramic views from Galata Tower, your short-term apartment rental in Taksim will be the central hub for an unforgettable Istanbul adventure.


Comfort in Taksim Style:
   Experience the perfect blend of comfort and Taksim style in our thoughtfully designed Airbnb apartment rentals. Each property is equipped with modern amenities to enhance your stay, providing a cozy retreat after a day of exploring Taksim's lively streets. Enjoy the convenience of a home away from home, surrounded by the cultural richness of Taksim and Beyoğlu.

Seamless Airbnb Booking Experience:
   Booking your ideal short-term apartment rental is a breeze on our user-friendly platform. Navigate effortlessly through property details, explore Taksim's neighborhood highlights, and secure your Airbnb reservation without any hassle. We prioritize transparency to make your booking experience as smooth as possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • Carefully curated Airbnb properties in the heart of Taksim and Beyoğlu.

  • Personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

  • Competitive rates for your kiralık apartman dairesi with no hidden fees.

  • Dedication to providing a memorable and comfortable stay in the heart of Istanbul.

Elevate your stay in Istanbul Beyoğlu, specifically in the vibrant district of Taksim, with our exceptional short-term Airbnb apartment rentals. Immerse yourself in the local culture, explore iconic landmarks, and create lasting memories in this dynamic area. Book your Taksim adventure with Airbnb today!

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